I have listed the most commonly asked questions in a Digital Marketing interview. These questions have been compiled from different sources including candidates appearing for interviews as well questions I and my colleagues ask during interviews for different roles like:

  • Digital Marketing Executive/Specialist/Lead/Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Executive/Specialist/Lead/Manager
  • Performance Marketing Executive/Specialist/Lead/Manager

Hope it helps to give you an idea about the questions you should expect:

Generic and Theory Questions:

1What are CPM, CPC and CTR, Impression, Reach, VTR, Views and how are they counted?
2What does CTR signify? Why is it important?
3What is Digital Marketing and why do people invest in digital marketing?
4What is the major difference between Google Search and all other platforms
5What is the bounce rate? What does it signify?
6What do the options available in Search campaign targeting- “Search Network”, “Display Network do”?
7What are viewable impressions?
8What is email automation? Have you used it before? Explain the setup
9What are native ads? Where can we setup a Native Ads campaign?
10What is the checklist you ensure to have done before starting a campaign?
11What is retargeting? How does it work?
12What are UTM parameters? Why are they used?
13What tools do you use for:
Planning on Facebook
Competitor analysis
Competitor analysis
Keyword analysis
14What are HTML5 Banners?
15What is Floc?
16What is a Goal in Google Analytics?
17What is Google Data Studio and what is it used for?
18What is GTM used for?
19What is Google Ads used for?
20What are conversion pixels? What are they used for?
21What tools have you used in your previous job?
22Difference between Doubleclick Search and Google Ads
23What is programmatic advertising?
24What are Facebook Partner placement? Where do the Ads show if we opt in for this placement?
25Can we run a Video Ad in a Facebook campaign and ensure it appears only in stories? If yes, How?
26Can we run a Facebook campaign without access to the Facebook page? What type of access do we need on the page to run ads?
27Can we run a campaign and show Ads on Instagram without having an Instagram page?
28Can we run a YouTube campaign if the video is unlisted?
29What is the difference between a Tag and a Trigger in GTM?
30Have you ever faced “Ads Rejected” in Google Ads or Facebook Ads? Why does it happen?

Scenario Based questions

1A client is saying that they saw their search Ad on Dubizzle or Facebook Video Ad on TikTok? Is it possible? What can be done to avoid this?
2Website developer says the Google and Facebook pixel is implemented on the website? How can you check or verify?
3There is a huge discrepancy between clicks recorded in the Ad Platforms and Google Analytics, what can be done?
4Can we use same keyword in Broad match and exact match in the same Ad group of Search Ads?
5How many Ad Sets do you create in a Facebook campaign?
6What can be done to reduce bounce rate?
7How to troubleshoot low CTR?
8A client wants to run a YouTube campaign but not create a YouTube channel or post the video on their YouTube channel? Is it possible?
9First party, second party and 3rd party cookies
10How will you approach a digital marketing project/brief from scratch? What are the topline considerations?
11What do you think is the future of digital marketing and what are the things going to be trending in the near future of digital marketing?
12Client is getting a lot of traffic but no leads, what can be done?
13How will you allocate budgets withing different channels?
14If you get a real estate client campaign on GDN or Facebook, what kind of targeting will you use?
15What channels do you use for B2B campaigns?
16How will you allocate budgets between channels
17How would you get idea about traffic of a new client?
18How to check what Ads our competition is running?
19Can we target visitors of our competitors?
20How can you provide live reports to clients
21How do you think the ios14 will impact?
22Huge discrepancy between facebook clicks and GA clicks
23Click Macro in Dv360 and other dsps
24Career in pragramatic advertising vs google ads which is better. ( please reply this i will be waiting)
25Difference between dfp,DFA
26What shall be done if a client wants to run a campaign to increase followers on Instagram?
27A client wants to increase followers on Facebook and Instagram? What can be done?

If you want to know the answers and how to respond to these questions, feel free to check out my video series on YouTube where we discuss all these questions. There are separate videos for generic and programmatic questions

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