Google Ads Automatic Bidding Strategies

Well, when I started my career in Digital Marketing, the first thing I got confused with was what is the difference between Maximize conversions and Target CPA?! I mean both will optimize towards generating conversions

Selecting the right Google Ads bidding strategy and implementing a solid strategy to keep a check and control of bids is critical to keep your cost down and run profitable campaigns

If you don’t understand the science behind the bidding strategies (which isn’t a rocket science!), you can end of spending your marketing budget in no time without any results

However, if you understand the bidding strategies and the right one for you, you can run successful and profitable campaign and achieving your marketing and business goals

Choosing the right bidding strategy can make a huge difference, in fact, it is the most important factor in campaign settings

In this post, I will try to explain all the automatic bidding strategies available in Google Ads and how to select and use the right one to your advantage

If you are looking for a brief answer about how do the automated bidding strategies in Google Ads differ, the below table will answer you. It explains what each of these strategies does and actually work in the backend

Google Ads Automatic bidding strategies are a great way to achieve your results using Google’s AI and Data to decide on bidding on your behalf.

Well, no one can question that considering the amount of Data Google has about users, your prospect clients and their behavior online. Google even know about your competitors and most importantly what is working for them. They have the data about the most important things which can guarantee a beneficial marketing campaign – the user behavior and your competitors

If you want to know more about these bidding strategies with examples and how to set them up, I recommend to watch the below video

If you are interested to learn Google Ads from scratch. I have put together a course on YouTube – Google Ads professional course – 2021 where I discuss the basics of Google Ads and acts as a step by step guide to take your from a beginner to an expert in Google Ads

Updates in Google Ads in Q4 2021

Every quarter Google releases new updates. I have listed the Recent Beta features in Google Ads. These features are tested on Whitelisted accounts. Once they are proven to improved performance, they are rolled out globally for everyone to use

You should be aware about these features to suggest, implement and test in your Google Ads campaigns

If you want know about all the features Google released in the recent past or want to keep a track of all new features to test them, visit Stay updated about Google Ads announcements

I have personally tested most of these features for my clients and 5 of these listed are the ones which made it to my recommendation list

  1. Performance Max campaigns
  2. Get more from image extensions with new improvements
  3. Product feeds now available for more video campaign types
  4. App campaigns for engagement no longer require manual deep linking
  5. YouTube Video discovery ads are now In-feed video ads
  6. Product feeds now available for more video campaign types

Here is the link to my video where I share the details about these features and explain how they can improve performance

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