Programmatic Interview Questions

I have listed the most commonly used questions asked in a Programmatic Advertising interview. These questions have been compiled from different sources including candidates appearing for interviews.

Hope it helps to give you an idea about the questions you should expect:

1What is a click macro?
2What is brand safety? How does it work?
3How do you implement pixels?
4How do you know if the pixel is firing in the page?
5Stake Holders in programmatic Advertising?
6Why DV360 over Google Ads?
7What is programmatic advertising?
8What tools can you use to test a tag?
9How to take screenshot of creatives uploaded to dv360?
10What creative format will you suggest for an Awareness campaign?
11What if the 3rd party tags don’t have macros in it? Will DBM count an impression?
12What creative and formats are available in DV360?
13Common Targeting capabilities in DV360?
14If I am using two audiences segments in my campaign, what one will I be billed for?
15What is GDPR?
16What is ads.txt
17How does CM360 charge clients?
18What is difference between Ad Network and Ad Exchange?
19What is a DMP?
20What are MMPs, how do they work, What are they used for? Name some MMPs
21What is a CDP?
22Difference between affinity and in-market audiences?
23What is targeting expansion?
24What is MOAT and DoubleVerify? What are verification vendors? What do they do?
25Reasons for Less CTR?
26What are UTM parameters? Why are they used?
27Reasons for High Bounce Rate?
28What are PG Deals?
29The line item is not serving
30How will you setup a campaign structure
31What all formulas do you use when comparing discrepancy reports from 3rd party
32How would you approach the client to use PMP deals, or RTB in layman’s term?
33Why impression discrepancies occur?
34How does cachebuster macro work?
35What is cachebuster macro isn’t implemented?
36If an ad isn’t displaying as intended, do you create test page to preview?
37What is an Active View and how does it work?
38What are the prerequisites of setting up a YouTube campaign in DBM?
39Can we traffic interstitial Ads in DBM?
40What creatives will you suggest if it is a consideration campaign
41Which audiences will you prefer for fashion: Google audience or 3rd party? And why?
42How does the Programmatic Advertising/Advertisement Ecosystem look like?
43What is native advertising?
44What is a cookie?

Apart from the above questions, the interviewer might ask you basics of programmatic advertising to understand your fundamental knowledge like what is the difference between an Ad Exchange and Ad Network? How did the ecosystem evolve and so on

I would recommend to watch my video Programmatic Advertising explained to have a solid understanding of the Programmatic Advertising ecosystem and the evolution. This video will help you to get familiar with the fundamentals of Programmatic Advertising and Display Advertising

Programmatic questions and Answers:

In this video, I will try to answer all the above questions and explain them one by one. All these questions can’t be answered in one video, so I have created a playlist of video on YouTube which you can watch

Links to more videos on Programatic Advertising:

If you still got time, I would highly recommend to go through the below videos which cover everything about Programmatic Advertising. They cover most important DSPs, DMPs, Ad Server and gives you a broader perspective about the Programmatic Advertising ecosystem and you should be able to answer most of the technical questions asked

Also, put some efforts to work on your resume. Sometimes being technically strong doesn’t secure a job but you also need a good representation of your skills and who you are – Your resume

uDemy courses which might help you:

The below is a list of my uDemy courses which are Highest Rated and Best Sellers if you want to learn further and make a solid career within this space

Best of luck!


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