Updates in Google Ads released in Q4 2021

Every quarter Google releases new updates. I have listed the Recent Beta features in Google Ads that were rolled out for everyone. These features are tested on Whitelisted accounts in their beta phase. Google reaches out to some of the advertisers to opt for beta features. Advertisers have to opt-in for the beta features they are interested in and the feature is made available for them only. Once they are proven to improved performance, they are rolled out globally for everyone to use

You should be aware about these features to suggest, implement and test in your Google Ads campaigns

If you want know about all the features Google released in the recent past or want to keep a track of all new features to test them, visit Stay updated about Google Ads announcements

I have personally tested most of these features for my clients and 5 of these listed are the ones which made it to my recommendation list

  1. Performance Max campaigns
  2. Get more from image extensions with new improvements
  3. Product feeds now available for more video campaign types
  4. App campaigns for engagement no longer require manual deep linking
  5. YouTube Video discovery ads are now In-feed video ads
  6. Product feeds now available for more video campaign types

Here is the link to my video where I share the details about these features and explain how they can improve performance


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