Resume template for Digital Marketers

Resume or CV is the most important factor in determining if you will be shortlisted for an interview process. While a Resume is the representation of your skills and personality, at the same time the first shortlisting for interview process among all the applications is done using ATS or Application tracking systems.

The systems filter resume based on how the HR or Recruiter wants to filter the resume. Usually reciters filter the candidates resume based on keywords like job titles, skills and platforms mentioned on the resume like Google Ads, PPC, etc

In this video I have explained all the points you need to consider while writing your resume so that it is ATS friendly and also helps you to give a good impression on the recruiter as well as the people who will interview you

Here is the link to download the sample resume:

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  1. I’m a Sales & Marketing manager and I have been working more then 10 years in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.
    I also have experience in Digital marketing & I do work for some businesses.

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